Candy Waters Autism Artist is Being Cyberbullied – Part 4

To:  Cyberbully/Stalker & a few of your Psychotic Friends

You are a despicable, sick people and you are FRAUDS!!

Use your real names and come out of the shadows.  We know who you are.

It’s so obvious that this is one person & a few of your Psychotic Friends using many fake identities to try and cyberbully our family.  These people are so immature and mentally ill with all of their pathetic empty threats.

It seem that they have a personal grudge/vendetta and a agenda of hate against our family and is out to harass us no matter what we do.  To the cyberbully & friends go and bother someone else.  Also, we would strongly suggest that this cyberbully & friends seek psychological help immediately.
This cyberbully is an artist as well.  Wouldn’t it behoove her to work on her own art and not spend her time harassing a talented disabled child and her family.  But, I will leave that discussion between her and her psychiatrist.
To:  Cyberbully/Stalker & a few of your Psychotic Friends you are real tough for upsetting a disabled girl and calling her names.  Get a life!!  We will be praying for you.


We would like to invite everyone to come and Like Candy’s Facebook Page.  Here is the link.

Faith, Love & Hope



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