Candy Waters Autism Artist is Being Cyberbullied – Part 8

To:  Cyberbully/Stalker & a few of your Psychotic Friends

You are despicable sick minded people and all of you are FRAUDS and Liars!!

Stop harassing my daughter and now my son too you sick lunatic.  Get the mental help that you all need.   This does not make you tough picking on children it makes you look crazy.   Grow up!!

Use your real names and come out of the shadows!  We know who all of you are.

Stop hating people who have a disability and are more talented than you.  You are so jealous of my daughter and son because they have a mother and father that loves them unlike you.  That’s why you’re so full of hate you Psycho!!!

You think you can bully people into doing what you want with your thousands of fake identities.  Maybe you can with some weak people but I will never stop.  Candy will always paint and my son will paint and he really does play the guitar.

So my advise to you is to get a life because I do not have time for your immature BS because I have a life.   I do not care what you do because you are sick, delusional and full of hate.

If you have a personal problem with me you know where to find me you Psychotic Cyberbully Stalker.

We would like to invite everyone to come and Like Candy’s Facebook Page.  Here is the link.

Faith, Love & Hope



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