Candy Waters Autism Artist is Being Cyberbullied – Part 9


To:  My daughter Candy’s Cyberbully/Stalker & a few of her Psychotic Friends

You are despicable sick minded people to Cyberbully a disabled person and her family.  All of you are FRAUDS and LIARS!!

Use your real names and come out of the shadows.  Also, stop following me around the internet with your fake identities and telling lies about my daughter and myself.

People are starting to know that you are not using your real names and that you are Liars and Cyberbullies.

Stop lying about Candy’s painting skill level because you don’t know my daughter you liars.  Candy’s painting skill level is great and she paints in all styles because she is talented.   I have 20+ videos of Candy painting on her facebook Like Page.

The paintings that Candy painted on video have received 1,000+ Likes each.  I would say Candy’s painting skill level is extremely good.  Question Cyberbully:  How many Like has your painting received?  Here is the link to Candy’s painting videos.…dywatersautismartist/videos

No other well known nonverbal autism artist has videos of themselves creating a full painting like Candy has.  Check it out.

In addition you are not an expert in painting skill levels you’re more an expert in Cyberbulling, Lying, Fake Identities, Harassing Disabled People…etc.

You Cyberbullies are very jealous about Candy’s art and talent that is why you spend all of your time trying to discredit it.  Very Sad!!  Try and do something positive with your life.

The Cyberbullies are telling lies about my daughter Candy and our family.

Candy’s Cyberbullies are not using their real names on all of the blogs & petitions that they have created about Candy’s art.

They don’t use their real names because they know they will be sued for slander and defamation because they are liars.

If the Cyberbullies don’t use their real names than anything they say is NOT TRUE.  We use our real names.  What are these Cyberbullies afraid of if their telling the truth?  Use Your Real Names CYBERBULLIES because you will get your wish and you will be sued.

Cyberbullies if what I am saying about you is not true than why are you not suing me for defamation?   I’ll tell you why because you are liars.

We would like to invite everyone to come and Like Candy’s Facebook Page.  Here is the link.

Faith, Love & Hope,

Robert & Sandy Waters




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